Digital Open-Close timer

Digital Open-Close Timer. This is used to control an actuator or small DC motor based system to open and close things once a day as a specific time. I use it to open and close the door to my chicken coop.

The guy who suggested the product uses to to pull a shade cloth down over his greenhouse to black it out. Here is a video. He does this to control the flowering of the plants he grows in there. I.E, to fool them into thinking that it is always the blooming and budding season.

- gives you precise digital control over when something opens and closes.
- One linear actuator or motor can easily be configured to pull on a cable to operate multiple doors at the same time..
- Can be used with my relay module to control quite large motors.
- Fused, overload protection, board temp monitoring.
- input power: 12-24VDC (you supply, has to be large enough to run your motors)

I rate the output section of this circuit board for 2A 24V actuators. Note that you can easily run 36V actuaotrs at 24V with reduced speed and force.


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